Kaohsiung is the 4th biggest port city in the world. It plays a central role in the Taiwanese trade business. The numerous downtown skyscrapers seem to represent the hardwork of kaohsiung in the world’s market. the welcoming nature of kaohsiung citizens is apparent in their acceptance of and behavior towards visiting tourists.

A city in the South Taiwan region, boasts the biggest size in the South.
2,770,000 (2022)
New Taiwan Dollar/TWD
Chinese (Mandarin),
The climate of Kaohsiung is of a tropical climate. Average year-long temperature is about 24°C.
Spring and Autumn Pavilions
The elegant Spring and Autumn Pavilions were built in 1951 as an offering to the god of war, Kuankung. In front of the Pavilions, there is a statue of the merciful god, Gwanin, riding a dragon. The legend has it the dragonm riding Gwanin appeared among the clouds and instructed its followers to build a statue to commemorate the moment.

AddressZuoying District, Kaohsiung Tel886-7-581-6216

Confucious Temple
A grand temple built after the architectural design of the Song Dynasty. It is the biggest confucianist temple in Taiwan. Beside an arch bridge, located inside the temple, there stands a bronze statue of Confucius, the greatest philosopher of China. Every September 28th, in celebration of Confucius’s birthday, a National Teacher’s Day festival takes place here. If you look towards the east, the jaggedly shaped Panpingshan can be seen.

AddressNo. 400, Liantan Rd, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung Tel886-7-588-0023

National Science and Technology Museum
A museum that took more than 7 billion Taiwanese Dollars to build, it is the biggest museum in Asia, only second in the World. There are 16 floors and 18 exhibition halls. Exhibitions of applied sciences of everyday life are displayed. With a geometrically designed exterior, it offers a unique and modern architectural sight.

AddressNo. 720, Jiuru 1st Rd, Sanmin District, Kaohsiung Tel886-7-380-0089

Sanduo Shopping Dist
There are numerous grand shopping malls and shopping centers in Sanduo Shopping District. With the development of Kaohsiung as an internationally renowned port city, the area became the most sought after business district. With a concentration of shopping malls in the area, various shopping events take place, in order to lure the customers. If you wish to raise the quality of your life and to check the latest fashion style, always remember to visit here.

Address Sanduo 3th Rd, Lingya District, Kaohsiung

Xin Ku Jiang Shopping District
Xin Ku Jiang Shopping District is one of the busiest luxury shopping areas in taiwan. From unique Japanese and international products, to many luxury brands, the latest fashion styles, and diverse restaurants can be found here. There is also a separate shopping area for younger customers. With the organized and clean streets, the colorful advertisements, and store exteriors, the area offers a very pleasant experience.

AddressRenzhi St, Xinxing District, Kaohsiung

Hanshin Department Store
The top representative department store of Kaohsiung. The luxurious atmosphere of 7m tall 1st floor lobby lures many shoppers. The uniqueness of Hanshin Department Store is the large space for its shoppers. Clothing, cosmetic products, furniture, sports products, and every kind of product is available here.

AddressNo. 266-1, Chenggong 1st Rd, Qianjin District, Kaohsiung

Exploring Cijin Seafood Street
A famous seafood street of Kaohsiung. Fresh seafood is very popular here. Sushi, grilled oysters, stew pots, soups, and diverse menus are prepared for your enjoyment. Even the pickiest eaters will find something that will please their tongue. One thing to remember is to check the price of the food before ordering.

Admiring Sunset at the Sizihwan Beach
Sizihwan Beach is known for having clean water and a beautiful sunset view. A popular dating designation among couples, it is well known throughout Taiwan. One can also witness a busy port and scenes of freight transportations in Kaohsiung Port. the charming spectacle of a dinner sunset welcomes you.

Sightseeing Shoushan National Natural Park
Shoushan National Natural Park is famous for having a rich and diverse ecology of plants and unique coral reef geography. The area is known to have rare and precious gems. One can find Shoushan Park, Shoushan Animal Park, and other various attractions. It also offers an excellent hiking course for tourists.