사무총장 인사말
Graduate School of PNU, Busan, Korea (M.A. in Politics)
Dept. of Political Science, UKM, Malaysia (Ph.D. Course)
Graduate School, HUFS (Ph.D. in Int'l Relations)
Policy Advisor to Presidential Council for N.E. Asia
Honorary Consul of Indoneisa in Busan
Ambassador of Korea to Democratic Rep. of Timor Leste
Welcome to the official website of Tourism Promotion Organization for Asia Pacific Cities (TPO).

TPO is an international organization established in 2002 with the blessing of the 5th Asian Pacific City Summit in Fukuoka, Japan, for the purpose of promoting the tourism industry and strengthening mutual cooperation between and among cities in the Asia Pacific region.

In the meantime, TPO has been carrying out a wide range of activities such as supporting the exchange of information and opinions among member cities, marketing for tourist destinations, jointly developing tourism products, fostering tourism talents, and holding TPO Forum and seminars to help the establishment of tourism promotion policy. Based on its extensive experience, we will build a database for tourism destinations of member cities, support for tourism branding of member cities, and organize a ‘TPO Consulting Team’ to offer a range of tourism promotion consulting services tailored for member cities.

It is expected that the Asia Pacific region will continue to enjoy the exceptional performance in international tourism. The tourism market in this area is intraregional with outbound and inbound demand. The scientific technological advancement, what is called the 4th Industrial Revolution, has a huge impact on human life. We can enjoy more leisure time and travel time is shortening. Also purchasing power is increasing by the world economic growth and the increase of incomes in developing countries. These influential factors on life style are likely to replace human roles and shape global and regional tourism trends.

In order to gain such momentum, TPO will continue to develop and provide creative and differentiated tourism promotional plans, strategies, and projects to member cities and industry members.

In the short term, we will make thorough preparations for holding the 9th TPO General Assembly, scheduled to take place in September 2019 in Busan, Korea. With the utmost effort, we will invite many mayors, dignitaries, and working-level officials of member cities to participate in the Assembly, which will surely improve the Organization’s international status. By pursuing this, we will plan to hold academic seminars, symposiums, member city tourism expo, and cultural performances, which consist of diverse and informative themes and contents. In the mid to long term, we will continuously expand TPO membership and provide various services and benefits for all the members.

Last but not least, the TPO Secretariat will make every effort to contribute to mutual communication, inter-cities cooperation and tourism industry in the region. In order to accomplish such efforts for common prosperity, we would like to request member cities to participate actively in the activities of TPO. With active participation and support by the members, TPO can contribute to the job creation, preservation of traditional culture and the environment, and enhancement of happiness, peace and friendship among the citizens of TPO community.

I appreciate your cooperation most highly. I wish your city continued peace and prosperity.

Sincerely yours,

Secretary-General of TPOKim Soo-il