International conference

Executive Committee

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is currently comprised of 1 president city, 2 co-president cities and 12 city governments representing each country. It deliberates on significant issues related to the operation of the organization such as the budget plans, the joint projects, and the admission of new members. Decisions made at the Executive Committee shall be submitted to the General Assembly for approval. Since the first Executive Committee meeting in Busan in Dec. 2002, it has been convened twice every year. List of TPO Executive Committee Members
  • Korea : Busan, Jeonju, Mungyeong
  • Vietnam : Ho Chi Minh City
  • China : Guangzhou, Sanya
  • Russia : Vladivostok
  • Japan : Fukuoka
  • Thailand : Bangkok
  • Indonesia : Jakarta, Pariaman
  • Philippines : Manila
  • Malaysia : Ipoh, Taiping
  • Nepal : Dhulikhel

History of Executive Committee Meeting

History of Executive Committee Meeting
No. Date Host city
41th 2023 Sep. Jeonju, Korea
40th May. Ipoh, Malaysia
39th 2022 Nov. Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia
38th May. Busan, Korea
37th 2021 Dec. online
36th Nov. online
35th Feb. online
34th 2019 Sep. Busan, Korea
33th May. Jakarta, Indonesia
32th 2018 Nov. Dujiangyan China
31th Jun. Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
30th 2017 Oct. Tongyeong Korea
29th 2016 Nov. Tokyo Japan
28th Jun. Jeonju Korea
27th 2015 Nov. Ipoh Malaysia
26th May. Sanya China
25th 2014 Nov. Kaohsiung China
24th Mar. Yantai China
23th 2013 Sep. Daejeon Korea
22th Apr. Macao
History of Executive Committee Meeting
연번 개최월 개최도시
21th 2012 Sep. Ipoh Malaysia
20th Mar. Guangzhou China
19th 2011 Sep. Dalian China
18th Apr. Sanya China
17th 2010 Aug. Vladivostok Russia
16th Mar. Guangzhou China
15th 2009 Sep. Kota Kinabalu Malaysia
14th Apr. Vladivostok Russia
13th 2008 Oct. Busan Korea
12th Apr. Melbourne Austrailia
11th 2007 Aug. Guangzhou China
10th Apr. Kota Kinabalu Malaysia
9th 2006 Oct. Hanzhou China
8th Apr. Ho Chi Minh Vietnam
7th 2005 Sep. Fukuoka Japan
6th May. Honolulu Hawaii USA
5th 2004 Oct. Busan Korea
4th May. Busan Korea
3th 2003 Sep. Busan Korea
2th May. Busan Korea
1th 2002 Dec. Busan Korea