What we do in 2021

1. Management of Organization

1. The 10th TPO General Assembly
  • Purpose To collect ideas on topical issues among TPO members as supreme decision making-body To share the knowledge and information in the tourism sector
  • Participants: TPO Members
  • Period: Mid-Nov 2021
  • Venue: North Sumatra, Indonesia
2. Presidential Meeting
  • Purpose: To discuss on the operation of the organization between the Presidential bodies and network building
  • Participants: Representatives of the President and Co-president cities
3. TPO Executive Committee Meeting
  • Purpose To deliberate on significant issues related to the operation of the organization such as budget plans and approval of new members
  • Details : Decisions made at the Executive Committee Meeting shall be submitted to the General Assembly for approval. The 35th Executive Committee meeting (Online, February) The 36th Executive Committee meeting (Online, in the first half of 2021) The 37th Executive Committee Meeting (During the 10th TPO General Assembly)
4. 2nd TPO Webinar
  • Purpose: To discuss measures to respond to the tourism sector amid the Coronavirus crisis and to revitalize tourism after the pandemic
  • Theme: Reactivation of the tourism sector and TPO’s roles
  • Participants : TPO members
  • Date: April
5. TPO Regional Meetings
  • Purpose: Regional Meeting is an official meeting for the working level representatives of the member cities.
  • Details: It will be conducted as a regional group session, focusing on joint projects and programs as well as interesting topics in the regions.
  • Participants: Delegates from city members and members in the private sectors.
6. TPO Consulting Committee Meeting
  • Consulting services provided to member cities who wish to receive such services, with the consulting costs brone by the service users
  • Composed of around 10 tourism experts
  • Consulting areas Strategies for developing tourist sites, polices to promote and invigorate the tourism industry Measures to boost the competitiveness of local tourism destinations, restructingthetourismsector,etc.

2. Joint Projects

1. Joint Marketing Project
  • Joint participation in international travel exhibitions or holding TPO Travel Presentation
  • Participants: Working-level officials, and marketers of the city members and related businesses, etc.
  • Purpose To support the tourism marketing activities of member cities, and promote city brands To increase the efficiency and reduce marketing expenses through the joint project
  • 1st Project: TPO Travel Trade Virtual 2021 – (TBD)
  • 2nd Project: TPO Travel Trade 2021 – (North Sumatra, During the 10th G.A.)
2. Human Resources Development Projects

1) V-CLIP 2021 (Vietnamese Culture & Language Immersion Program)

  • Purpose To contribute to fostering human resources, and building networks amongst the next generation of experts in the tourism sector through language education, cultural experiences, and field trips, etc.
  • Participants : 30 ~ 60 International individuals over 18
  • Period : Two weeks during December
  • Venue : Bac Ninh Province, Hai Phong and Ha Noi, Vietnam

2) Cultivation of Human Resources Program

  • Participants : 40 ~ 70 people and prospective tourism experts
  • Operation Jointly designing courses with colleges and universities that have Tourism Studies majors Opening and operating tourism expert courses, and granting certificates in connection with tourism organizations such as UNWTO, tourism associations, and tourism-related Institutes
  • Period: Two weeks during July ~ August
  • Venue : Undecided

3) Short-term Capacity Building Program for Officials of Members

  • Participants : Approximately 40 officials of the tourism sector in member cities
  • Operation Opening a 1~2-week educational program to develop capability, and encourage government officials and experts in the tourism sector Providing participants with an opportunity of the technical tour in the member cities
  • Period : Preparing throughout 2021, and launching in 2022
3. TPO Member City Tourism Information Exchange Project
  • Purpose : Providing an opportunity to promote the tourism destinations of the members through exchanging the tourism-related information between and among member cities
  • Details : Promoting the partner city’s tourism information through the media operated by the member city
  • Participants : TPO members
  • Period : Throughout the year
4. Establishment of the TPO Tourism Network (TTN) Platform
  • Background To provide actual benefits and services to the TPO membership by establishing and strengthening an online network among the members. To improve the effectiveness of friendly cooperation and mutual exchange between and among the members in the Asia Pacific region, such as exchange of public-private joint tourism information, development of tourism products, and joint development of tourism products. Due to the long-term misery of COVID-19 and a sharp decline in tourism demand, the tourism industry has been confronting serious challenges. To pro-actively respond to the recovery of the tourism sector, it is both urgent and significant to strengthen economic cooperation and solidarity between the members in preparation for the post-corona era. To transform the tourism value chain, currently centered on major companies, into the chain centered on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to enhance SMEs’ roles and competitiveness, to develop sustainable tourism and create jobs.
  • Functions Collection and provision of tourism information on the member cities and the tourism industries Creation of opportunities to share knowledge and information and engage in B2B consulting on the tourism sector Discovery of potential collaborative projects among member cities, development of new tourism products, etc. Use of the network as a tool to promote TPO projects and programs and to promote tourism resources and products of member cities
  • Period : Establishment by the end of 2021 (Launching in 2022)
  • Participants : TPO member cities, tourism-related organizations and businesses Tourism-related organizations, startup businesses, and SMEs recommended by member cities and tourism businesses Anew businesses, and businesses that have initiatives in existing or new markets (A project proposal is requested to submit)
5. TPO Joint Marketing Center
  • Background As the tourism industry performs a significant role in the world economy, a number of countries and regions are installing oversea-local marketing offices to carry out tourism marketing activities more effectively Establishing an oversea-local marketing office becomes a financial burden to individual cities TPO is to operate a Joint Marketing Center on behalf of members, and support marketing activities in major markets such as Korea, China, Japan, and ASEAN countries.
  • Role Operation of a Joint Marketing booth for member cities at major international tourism expositions in the Asia Pacific region, holding joint overseas tourism presentations, support for neighboring cities to develop joint tourism products, etc. Acting as a tourism promotion agent for an individual member city, managing the local travel agencies, providing support in developing tourism products, acting as a media liaison (media relations), hosting tourism presentations, etc.
  • Operating expenses : To be borne by the city wishing to use the service (may dispatch officials of the member city to work at the marketing center, if necessary)

3. Information Service and Communication

1. Operation of the TPO website
  • Introduction of the organization’s activities
  • Enhancement of communication among members
  • Provision of tourism information
  • Served in English and Korean
2.Publication of TPO’s official magazine, Tourism Scope
  • Introduction of tourism resources and events of members
  • To be merged in the TTN project
3. Publication of E-newsletter, Tourism News Patrol
  • Published every month in English and Korean