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In this issue :
  • 1. A TPO Regional Meeting for Korean Member cities was held in Tongyeong City
  • 2. Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival
  • 3. A spring festival at the Gimhae Gaya Theme Park
  • 4. 2017 Asia Amusement & Attractions Expo in Guangzhou
  • 6. E-World Starlight Cherry Blossom Festival 2017 in Daegu
  • 7. 2017 China (Shanghai) International Incentive Travel and Conference Exposition
Member & Industry News

1. A TPO Regional Meeting for Korean Member cities was held in Tongyeong City

A 2017 TPO Regional Meeting for Korean Member Cities was held at Tongyeong International Concert Hall on February 23 to 24, attended by 30 working-level representatives from 15 member cities and the staff of TPO Secretariat. 

The main meeting on the first day was kicked off with a welcome address by Kim Dong-jin, Mayor of Tongyeong city. Mayor Kim welcomed the participants and requested that all the member cities attend the 8th TPO General Assembly held in Tongyeong this coming October.

Following the welcome address, Mr. Shin Yeon-sung, Secretary-General of TPO made a detailed report on the 2016 TPO activities and the activity plans for 2017.

After the regional meeting, special lectures took place for the participants. Ms. Cheon Myeon-ae, a staff of Tourism Marketing Division of Tongyeong City Government presented on “Policy on the Tourist Destination Cities of the Year,” and Mr. Sohn De-hyun, Coordinator of Cittaslow Corea Network and professor of Hanyang University gave a lecture on “Guest and Host Interaction,” which received a favorable response from the participants.

On the second day, the attendees had a chance to visit the tourist attractions of Tongyeong under the theme of “Development of Tourism Resources.”

2. Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival

On March 3 to 5, 2017

Location: Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Jakarta, Indonesia

The wet season in Jakarta covers the majority of the year, running from October through May. Typically unbeknownst to the world, Jakarta boasts some of the world’s largest music events and the many youth fans have attracted artists all around the world to regularly stop by Jakarta as part of their world tour, from rock concerts to Korean pop.

Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival is one of the largest jazz festivals in the world and arguably the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere, held in Jakarta, Indonesia. The annual jazz festival is held every early March and was designed to be one of the largest jazz festivals globally.

The Java International Jazz Festival (JJF) 2017 take place on 3-5 March. The three-day event includes performances on 11 stages at the Jakarta Convention Center and in the past has welcomed such artists as James Brown, Earth, Wind and Fire, and Kool & the Gang to the stages. In addition to many big names from the international stage, the programme also includes plenty of local artists and home-grown talents.

3. A spring festival at the Gimhae Gaya Theme Park

The Gimhae Gaya Theme Park located in Gimhae, Korea will be hosting a special spring festival under the slogan, “The Spring of Gaya, Reviving with Flowers,” from March through June this year.

At the festival, which will be comprised of diverse events, visitors will get a chance to check out “Miracle Love: Season 2,” an iconic musical staged at the Gaya Theme Park. The musical featuring a star-studded cast will present fantastic spectacles with special effects. This interactive musical, with a fast-paced plot, illusions and group dance performances, will most certainly have the audience’s eyes glued to the stage. 

During the festival period, visitors will get to enjoy a plethora of spring flowers. The Sineo Garden, which served as a drama filming location, has been transformed into the Four Seasons Garden with seasonal themes. The garden is filled with twenty thousand flowers including tulips, rainbow pinks and petunias that will welcome the visitors with a beautiful sight.

With tens of thousands of flowers, calligraphic works and other breathtaking sceneries, the theme park will serve as an awesome “photo zone” and be a perfect place to visit with one’s family or significant other. Social media events are also taking place during the spring festival.

There will even be fireworks at night. Starting in May, more than 1,000 firework shells will be used to decorate the night sky every Saturday. The regular fireworks shows are expected to become a symbolic attraction of the Gaya Theme Park.

In addition to the fireworks, the theme park will turn into a fantastic world of lights, with a million lamps presenting a heavenly spectacle. Visitors entering after 6 p.m. will be given a glow-in-the-dark bracelets, free-of-charge.

In May, known as the Family Month in Korea, the Family Festa will be a great chance for people to create unforgettable memories with their families. During the festival period, visitors will get to heal their hearts and souls through the exciting performances and face-painting and carnation-sharing events held every weekend.

4. 2017 Asia Amusement & Attractions Expo in Guangzhou

The 2017 Asia Amusement & Attractions Expo (AAA 2017) will be held at the China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou from March 8 to 11, 2017. This year’s exposition jointly held by multiple institutions will show growth and improvement in every aspect including size, promotional capacity and number of attendees compared to the previous year. It is expected to serve as an important platform for international trade and exposition in relation to amusement parks and tourist attractions, and help the amusement and attractions industry of Asia take a step forward.

In 2016, the 12th China (Guangzhou) International Game & Amusement Exhibition (CIAE) and the 4th China Guangzhou International Theme Parks & Attractions Industry Exhibition (TPAE) were integrated as the Asia Amusement & Attractions Expo (AAA2016). AAA 2016 was held in the A Block of the China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou from March 9 to 11 with great success, thanks to the support shown by the industry professionals and related government departments. 

Around 400 game and recreation facility and theme park operators and tourist attraction service providers from some 20 countries took part in AAA 2016, with 3,000 booths set up in an exhibition area of 60,000m2, making it the largest trade show in Asia.

AAA 2017 will be larger in terms of scale and is expected to attract even more participants compared to the last year.


To savor the wealth of Perak cuisines, "IPOH PICNIC DAY" brings over 100 Perak food vendors to roll up locals and tourists into a 1-day action packed fest on 18 March 2017.

When food is the great unifier across culture and most connections (races) was sparked through a plate of simple dish today, Ipoh Picnic Day have floated an idea which consolidates food, cultures, and talents into a carnival that brings togetherness and excitement for this school holiday.

Located at Taman D.R. Seenivasagam, the venue will see a hive of activities from busking, morning walk, celebrity performance, wayang pacak, gift redemptions, fire performance, fashion bazaar and fun games, organise with full of jollity for family bonding and to boost the community ties.

When small traders and entrepreneurs need a platform to show their talent and gain profits from it, Ipoh Picnic Day have gone the extra mile by providing a business opportunity throughout the entire day with its unique theme.

With picnic as the main concept, festival-goers can bring their own 'tikar' (mat) to enjoy the 'wayang pacak' that will wrap up the night while reminiscing the old memories of the City That Tin Built which surrounded with the rustic old buildings, laden with history & good food.

6. E-World Starlight Cherry Blossom Festival 2017 in Daegu

The E-World Starlight Cherry Blossom Festival, which is the one and only nighttime cherry blossom festival held in Korea, will take place at E-World and 83 Tower in Daegu, Korea from March 25 to April 9.  

The E-World Starlight Cherry Blossom Festival is the combination of a cherry blossom festival and a starlight festival, presenting breathtaking sights in the daytime and at night. At E-World, visitors will get to check out cherry blossoms that are the size of a child’s fist, and be mesmerized by the awe-inspiring scenery of colorful cherry blossoms under beautiful lights at night.

This year’s festival celebrating its 6th anniversary will be held under the slogan, “Let’s Pink Party.” Visitors will get to take pictures with the beautiful cherry blossoms, enjoy delicious foods, and observe the beauty of cherry blossoms as well as take part in various other fun events.

At 83 Tower, there will be red double-deck buses and photo zones (8 scenic spots with cherry blossoms), centering on the Usan-gil (Umbrella Trail) and carousel of E-World. The Pink Parade & Nighttime DJ Party as well as busking performances will delight the visitors’ eyes and ears from the afternoon until late at night.

Also, the Pink Flea Market with food trucks and a flea market will also present a festive atmosphere.

For more information on the festival, be sure to check out the official website of E-World (http://www.eworld.kr).

7. 2017 China (Shanghai) International Incentive Travel and Conference Exposition

The 2017 China (Shanghai) International Incentive Travel and Conference Exposition will be held at the Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing (SHCEC) from March 21 to 23, 2017.

The China (Shanghai) International Incentive Travel and Conference Exposition has become one of the top business, education and community platforms for international MICE shows in China since it was launched in 2007, with the aim of “Promoting China to the World and the World to China.”  

The international exposition offers a business platform to suppliers and buyers from the Chinese and international MICE industries. The latest information on the domestic MICE industry as well as on inbound and outbound travels to and from China is concentrated. People in society of the MICE industry get a chance to meet new partners and enhance cooperative relationship with existing partners to explore new business opportunities.

During the event period, participants can gain diverse benefits and opportunities in terms of business, education and community activities through business consultations, exhibitions, symposiums, community activities, and tours.

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