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In this issue :
  • 1. A delegation of Incheon city, pays a visit to Kitakyushu in Japan
  • 2. The 21st Ipoh International Run 2016
  • 3. K-CLIP 2016 held in Tongyeong, Korea
  • 4. The Shanghai Jinshan Tourism Festival 2016
  • 5. The 5th Northeast Asia (Shenyang) International Food & Beverage Expo
  • 6. The Incheon K-POP (INK) Concert 2016
  • 7. The 1st Ulju Mountain Film Festival in 2016
  • 8. The UN Habitat Third Preparatory Committee Meeting Kicked off in Surabaya,
Member & Industry News

1. A delegation of Incheon city, pays a visit to Kitakyushu in Japan

Incheon Metropolitan City and the City Council will be sending a delegation to visit Kitakyushu, with which they have been maintaining friendly relations for years based on a sister city exchange agreement, to participate in the 29th Wasshoi Hyakuman Summer Festival.

According to a press release issued by Incheon Metropolitan City and City Council on August 5, Kitakyushu has been a sister city of Incheon since two cities set up sisterhood relationship in 1988.

The two cities have engaged in diverse exchange programs including the mayor exchange, youth homestay exchange, cultural exchange and staff exchange programs. For this festival, a delegation of five representatives headed by Lee Gang-ho, the Vice-Chairman of the Incheon City Council will visit.

They agreed that the delegation of Kitakyushu visits Incheon on the Incheon Citizens Day in the odd numbered year, and the mayor group of Incheon visits during the Wasshoi Hyakuman Summer Festival in the even numbered year.

Yoo Jeong-bok, mayor of Incheon, will be visiting Kitakyushu on September 6 to meet with Kenji Kitahashi, mayor of Kitakyushu and Takehiro Tomachi, the Chairman of the Kitakyushu City Council.

After reaffirming the friendly ties between the two cities and exchanging opinions on the current issues, Mayor Yoo will be attending the 29th Wasshoi Hyakuman Summer Festival.

Mayor Yoo plans to offer words of consolation in relation to the damages caused by the Kumamoto earthquake in April and the indirect impact on the Kyushu region including Kitakyushu. He will also be expressing a message of the hopes that the two cities will achieve mutual growth through the closer friendship and mutual beneficial ties. In addition, he will be requesting cooperation of Kitakyushu for Incheon to host the General Assembly and the Executive Committee in 2017 and in 2018 of the Organization for the East Asia Economic Development (OEAED), of which both Incheon and Kitakyushu are a member. Furthermore, Incheon mayor plans to propose the wide exchange and cooperation among the relevant institutions of the two cities with respect to the field of mutual interest such as the environment and culture.

Mayor Yoo will attend the Wasshoi Hyakuman Summer Festival, as the mayor of Kitakyushu??s sole overseas sister city, and deliver a congratulatory message on behalf of 3 million Incheon citizens. He will also tour the representative facilities of Kitakyushu including the Kitakyushu Environment Museum, and talk with some important personnel such as Park Jin-woong, the Korean Consul General to Fukuoka on various matters before returning to Korea on September 7.

Meanwhile, the Wasshoi Hyakuman Summer Festival will delight the visitors with splendid events including a military exercise and parade that involve around 10,000 participants. Launched in 1988 in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the city foundation, the Wasshoi Hyakuman Summer Festival has become an iconic festival of Kitakyushu that attracts more than 1.5 million visitors from across the country.

2. The 21st Ipoh International Run 2016

The 21st Ipoh International Run was kicked off at 6:45 a.m. on August 7, 2016 in Dataran Bandaraya Ipoh in the state of Perak, Malaysia.

It was initially launched as a half-marathon event called ??The Run,?? under the supervision of the Ipoh Rotary Club in 1985, and it came to be supervised by the Ipoh City Council in 1991. Its name was officially changed to ??Ipoh International Run?? in 2000.

The aim of the Ipoh International Run is to promote sportsmanship, friendship and world peace. It attracts world-renowned marathoners as well as more than 17,000 marathon enthusiasts from around the world including Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines and Kenya. As one of the most popular events held in Ipoh, the marathon draws a lot of attention from the public every year.

This year, the event was divided into 11 different groups, ranging from A to L, according to the age group (must be over the age of 13 to be eligible to enter) and the marathon distance. A total of 20 participants were awarded medals and prize money, while the first 5,000 people to register were each given a free t-shirt that read, ??Ipoh International Run 2016,?? as a keepsake.

3. K-CLIP 2016 held in Tongyeong, Korea

K-CLIP 2016, hosted jointly by the Tourism Promotion Organization for Asia Pacific Cities (TPO) and the TPO Co-President City, Tongyeong, and sponsored by Busan, Ulsan and Gimhae, was held with great success at the Sejahtera Forest of the Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development (RCE) in Tongyeong from August 8 to 21.

The event, held as part of TPO??s Student Travel Exchange Program (STEP), was organized for foreign college students who wished to travel in Korea, experience Korean culture, and learn the Korean language. This year, 30 students from 20 different cities in 7 countries in the Asia-Pacific took part in the program.

Held under the slogan, ??Let??s Dive into Korean Language & Culture Together!,?? the event was comprised of a wide range of programs that helped the participants better understand Korean culture and become experts on tourism in Korea in the future.

Depending on their level of proficiency in the Korean language, the students were divided into novice, intermediate, and advanced language classes, where they learned from professional Korean language instructors. They also sat in special lectures where they learned about the history, culture, traditions and modern society of Korea and Tongyeong. Also, they had a chance to get a more hands-on experience of Korean culture by performing the Tongyeong Ogwangdae (Mask Theater) and samulnori (traditional percussion quartet), making local traditional crafts and hangwa (traditional confectionary), and playing traditional games.

Thanks to the full-fledged support from Tongyeong, Busan, Ulsan and Gimhae, the participating students were also given an opportunity to visit valuable historical sites and tourist attractions of the four cities, and to check out the local festivals. In the first week, they toured the iconic tourist destinations in Tongyeong, with a tour guide, and took a cable car to the peak of Mireuksan Mountain, overlooking the city. For 2 days from August 14, they had an island tour, and got to see the beauty of Tongyeong, one of the most popular travel destinations situated on the coast of Korea.

In the second week, the participants went to Busan, Ulsan and Gimhae for a tour of the iconic tourist sites and to experience the local traditional cultures. Following the tour, the participants took part in the ??Korea Through My Eyes?? program, where they divided into small groups to present PowerPoint presentations and user-created content (UCC) videos to share their thoughts and experiences in Korea.

A representative of TPO said, ??Through K-CLIP 2016, foreign students gained broad experiences in relation to life in Korea as well as Korean language, culture and tourist sites, and built the foundation they needed to grow into experts in Korean tourism. Through this program, the member cities of TPO including Tongyeong will be able to present their beauty to the college students, who will lead the tourism sector of the Asia-Pacific region in the future, and increase demand for local tourism by inducing tourists to visit their cities again.??

4. The Shanghai Jinshan Tourism Festival 2016

The Shanghai Jinshan Tourism Festival 2016 is scheduled to take place from mid-September to October 8 in Jinshan District, Shanghai for the local residents and tourists.

This year??s festival is set to present unique and differentiated events and programs compared to those of the previous years. It will be held simultaneously with the Jinshan International Beach Fireworks Festival, and in addition to shedding light on the tourism industry, culture, agriculture and sports of Jinshan, a ??flower carriage?? demonstrating the unique ethnic traditions will be presented to delight the eyes and ears of the spectators. 

Foreign tourists will also be given diverse opportunities to experience the traditional culture of China during the festival period as a way to promote Chinese culture at the international level in full swing.

In addition, tourists visiting the city with their families can take part in a wide variety of experience programs such as a grape farm tour, water bumper car, and bungee jumping.

The Shanghai Jinshan Festival is expected to be a splendid festival with programs and events for people of all ages.

5. The 5th Northeast Asia (Shenyang) International Food & Beverage Expo

The 5th Northeast Asia (Shenyang) International Food & Beverage Expo will be held at the Shenyang International Exhibition Center from September 22 to 24. Around 400 food and beverage manufacturers from across the country will present their products in four exhibition halls, with the aim of promoting mutual exchange and development.

Since its launch, the Northeast Asia (Shenyang) International Food & Beverage Expo has provided opportunities for 1,263 companies to exhibit their products, and attracted more than 58,000 visitors from the worldwide. Over 90% of the visitors have been buyers from 4,688 trade companies and 25,620 food and beverage companies.

The Expo is a fair trade platform that benefits both the sellers and buyers. For this year??s Expo, it is expected to attract companies that can cater for the changing preferences and needs of buyers with distinctive ingredients, materials and cooking equipment.

6. The Incheon K-POP (INK) Concert 2016

All About K-pop Concerts

Incheon Metropolitan City has been holding a K-pop concert annually since 2009 for the purpose of attracting foreign tourists and promoting the local tourism destinations. This year, the concert will be held on September 24 (Saturday, 6 p.m.) at the Munhak Baseball Stadium under the new name, Incheon K-POP (INK) Concert.

The INK Concert in its 8th year in 2016 has become an iconic K-pop concert that attracts about 30 to 40,000 people each year, with the leading idol groups in its lineup. 

This year, it will feature the hottest idol groups including EXID, AOA, B.A.P, TWICE, GOT7, GFRIEND, I.O.I, MONSTA X, Red Velvet, and SHINee, who will delight the audience with spectacular performances that will blow people??s minds away.

In addition to the concert, the ticketholders will be able to learn more about Incheon and hallyu (that is, Korean wave) through the Hallyu Drama Exhibition Hall, a photo wall for the performance lineup, an experience booth, and an Incheon tourism promotion booth.

Also, the Incheon Food Culture Fair 2016 will be held in the Dongmun Square of the Munhak Baseball Stadium from September 23 to 25, so the visitors will get a chance to taste the local foods of Incheon.

An official from the Incheon Metropolitan City government said, ??We??re organizing a festival, in which visitors can enjoy delicious foods, information on the tourist sites of Incheon, and a concert, so we hope that many tourists come and enjoy the event.??

Visit the INK Concert??s official website at www.inkconcert.com for more detailed information (for inquiries, dial 070-5056-5388).

7. The 1st Ulju Mountain Film Festival in 2016

The 1st Ulju Mountain Film Festival, the first mountain film festival of Korea, will be held from September 30 until October 4 at the Yeongnam Alps Complex Welcome Center in Ulju-gun, Ulsan.

Ulju-gun is surrounded by seven towering peaks of the ??Yeongnam Alps,?? which are situated over 1,000m in altitude. It also contains Ganjeolgot, known as the place where one can watch the sunrise first among those residing in Northeast Asia, and the Bangudae Petroglyphs, which are the oldest records of whale hunting from more than 7,000 years ago. With a number of sites that have high historical value, Ulju-gun is an exquisitely beautiful region surrounded by high mountains and the sea.

The 1st Ulju Mountain Film Festival will be held under the themes of mountaineering, mountain sports and culture, adventure and exploration, nature and environment, and more. There will be a number of participatory events where people can experience the beauty of nature while watching films from around the world.

Also, the films screened will be divided into 7 sections: Alpinism, Climbing, Adventure and Exploration, Environment and People, International Competition, Ulju Summit, Ulju Vision and Our Films. For the newly established International Competition category, in particular, 182 films have been submitted by contestants from 40 countries in 6 continents.

A representative of the Secretariat of the Ulju Mountain Film Festival said, ??We introduced a competitive category for the [Ulju Mountain Film Festival], and received a lot more films than we had expected. It is expected to promote the international stature of the Ulju Mountain Film Festival. [??] We will continually develop the Ulju Mountain Film Festival, which is the one and only international mountain film festival in Korea, and the Ulju-gun Office, the Secretariat, and the Steering Committee will strive to create an excellent film festival that presents a wide range of mountain culture content.??

As for the Ulju Mountain Film Pre-festival held in 2015, there were participations of film-makers from 13 countries, with the screening of 43 domestic and foreign mountain-related films, and it attracted 17,000 visitors. 

The Ulju Mountain Film Festival 2016, held this fall on the foothills of Yeongnam Alps considered the ??Roof of Ulju,?? is expected to bring a large number of makers of mountain films and tourists to the area.

8. The UN Habitat Third Preparatory Committee Meeting Kicked off in Surabaya, Indonesia

The United Nations Habitat Third Preparatory Committee (PrepCom3) meeting, themed housing and sustainable urban development, kicked off in Surabaya on Monday 25 July, 2016.

The meeting, held from Monday to Wednesday, involved ministers from 33 UN member nations and hundreds of representatives and delegations from 193 countries.

??PrepCom3 will be the last opportunity for the United Nations member countries, the local government and other stakeholders in order to give perspective for the new urban agenda to be proposed in the third UN Habitat conference,?? executive director of UN Habitat Joan Clos said during the opening ceremony on Monday.

The conference will take place again in Quito, Ecuador, in October. PrepCom3 is the final round after PrepCom1 and PrepCom2 were held in New York in 2014 and Nairobi in 2015, respectively.

??You should contribute to the success of new urban agenda to create solutions, which are inclusive, innovative and participatory,?? he said.

Vice President Jusuf Kalla, who opened the event, said he hoped the meeting could contribute to the solutions to urban challenges, especially in light of unavoidable urbanization.

??We need to create a better city with better facilities and inclusivity to answer all the issues like climate change and poverty,?? he said.

Around 54.5 percent of the world??s total population is now living in urban areas. The number has increased rapidly since 45.1 percent in 1996.

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