TPO Newsletter No.138 | 2016-07-29
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In this issue :
  • 1. Tongyeong, to host the Great Battle of Hansan Festival
  • 2. Japan Shopping Festival 2016
  • 3. 2016 Qingdao International Beer Festival
  • 4. The 18th Zhengzhou International Food Fair
  • 5. Gimhae Lotte Water Park opens in time for the summer!
  • 6. Vietnam, Southern Fruit Festival 2016
  • 7. Taiping Raintown Half Marathon 2016 (Coming Soon)
Member & Industry News

1. Tongyeong, to host the Great Battle of Hansan Festival

Tongyeong city of Korea, called the “Naples of the East” thanks to its breathtaking coastal landscape, will be hosting the 55th Great Battle of Hansan Festival around the city including the Yi Sun-sin Park, Navy Headquarters of Three Provinces, and Culture Park for a 5-day period from August 11 to 15.

The Great Battle of Hansan Festival was launched in 1962 to honor Admiral Yi Sun-sin, who led the Korean navy to victory at the Great Battle of Hansan, one of the four greatest naval battles in the world, and to commemorate the battle.

At the festival, the historical battle is reenacted with a high level of accuracy. For instance, the naval forces from Gyeongsang-do, Jeolla-do and Chungcheong-do are assembled on the sea off the coast of Tongyeong by the commander of the Navy Headquarters of Three Provinces of the Joseon Dynasty for an inspection. Also, there is the Admiral Yi Sun-sin Parade, while the reenactment of the Great Battle of Hansan is reminiscent of a blockbuster film.

Visitors coming to the festival will be able to see firsthand the extraordinary tactics employed by Admiral Yi Sun-sin, who is known for his undefeated battle record.

2. Japan Shopping Festival 2016

The Japan Shopping Festival 2016 will take place until August 31 for foreigners visiting the country.

This is a large-scale shopping event held twice a year (July to August, and December), with the participation of more than 500 stores including department stores, shopping malls and outlet malls. There will be a wide range of gifts, sales events as well as a photograph contest for foreign tourists.

For more detailed information on the Japan Shopping Festival 2016, visit the website (

3. 2016 Qingdao International Beer Festival

The 26th Qingdao International Beer Festival will kick off on August 13 in Qingdao, China. The largest beer festival in Asia takes place every year for 16 days around mid-August. This year, the beer fest will be held under the theme of “Qingdao GanBei with the World.” The main venue is the Century Square located in the Laoshan District, but events will also be held at other designated districts.

The Century Square spans an area of approximately 200,000?? from the Hong Kong East Road in the south to Xianxialing Road in front of the southern gate of the Laoshan District Office. The main venue is comprised of the Qingdao Beer Square, World Beer Brands Square, Beer Leisure Square and Carnival Park. There will be nine beer halls, four auxiliary event halls and the newly constructed Beer Culture Exhibition Hall in the area.

The Golden Sands Beach has been opened on the grass field between the Hong Kong East Road and the Haikou Road since July. It will open to the visitors free-of-charge during the festival period.

4. The 18th Zhengzhou International Food Fair

The 18th Zhengzhou International Food Fair will be held at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre (ZZICEC) in Henan Province, China from August 26 to 28, 2016. Henan Province, with the largest population in the country, is the economic, logistics and trade hub and has a massive market.

The fair will be organized under the theme of “Quality and Responsibility,” with exhibition booths set up in three different zones: Alcoholic Beverage Exhibition Zone, International Wine Exhibition Zone, and Food and Beverage Exhibition Zone. Thousands of Chinese and foreign enterprises will be taking part in the event to display and sell their specialty products, green products and famous alcoholic beverages. It is expected that with more than 100 million residents in the province, the sales will reach over CNY 100 million (approx. USD 1.5 billion).

5. Gimhae Lotte Water Park opens in time for the summer!

The Lotte Water Park located in Gimhae, Korea is drawing vacationers from around the country with the popular girl group, GFRIEND, as their spokespersons. So, come to Korea’s first and largest water slide park in Gimhae for an enthralling experience, with GFRIEND!

❍ Experience the Thrill of a Lifetime: Extreme Slide Trio
The “Watercoaster,” described as the “rollercoaster of a water park,” is comprised of winding slides with two lanes that ascend and descend repeatedly for a high-speed water slide experience. The Giant Boomerang Go, the largest of its kind in Korea, is 21m in height and 170m in length, and it allows the users to experience zero gravity on their way down. On the colorful 8-lane Racing Slide, users slide down on a mat for a distance of 120m, making it the longest slide in Korea. 

❍ Korea’s Largest Pool: Outdoor Wave Pool
After checking out the heart-stopping water slides, make sure you go over to the outdoor wave pool to be carried by gigantic waves that are up to 2.4m in height. As the symbol of the Lotte Water Park, the outdoor wave pool is the largest of its kind in Korea and the third largest in the world, and it can accommodate up to 3,200 people simultaneously.

❍ Golden Healing Time: Indoor Water Park
The massive indoor water park, which is about 6,600m2 in area, is the perfect place to relax and gain a healing experience away from the blazing sun.

Korea’s largest indoor wave park, which is up to 35m in width and 38m in length, can be found here, and on the Swing Slide, which is 13m in height and 138m in length, users can gain a thrilling experience as they descend at ultra-high speed in the dark tunnel. Also, the healing spa pool will provide a healing experience that will help blow the stress away.

Connected to the indoor water park are the state-of-the-art spa and sauna facilities, where visitors can unwind and relax. The view of the water park from the outdoor terrace outside the sauna will make visitors feel as though they are in the South Pacific, and this is why this area has become the “hottest photo zone” at the water park.

❍ A Polynesian-style Water Park 
The Lotte Water Park was built under the concept of “Polynesian style” so that visitors can feel as though they are vacationing on the beach, somewhere in the South Pacific. It will surely provide opportunities for people of all ages to create fun and unforgettable memories with diverse performances and events.

The Giant Volcano situated at the center of the park has been inspired by the active volcanoes in the South Pacific region. True to its name, it is humongous, as it is 38m tall and 35m in diameter. The Volcano Effect Show, which is reminiscent of a volcanic eruption, is something you can also see at the Lotte Water Park. On top of this event, the Polynesian Festival, with performances given by an original Polynesian performance troupe, and various other events make the Lotte Water Park the place to be in the summer.

6. Vietnam, Southern Fruit Festival 2016

The 12th Southern Fruit Festival 2016, officially kicked off on June 1 at Suoi Tien Culture and Tourism Site in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City, attracting a large number of visitors.

This is an annual activity to contribute to promoting fruit specialties of Viet Nam and also the South to domestic and international visitors. This is also an opportunity for artisans to create unique fruit plastic products, contribute to preserving and developing fruit plastic art in Viet Nam.

This year’s fruit festival will have the participants of fruit processing enterprises, gardeners, agriculture import-export units, trade centres, supermarkets, small traders, and also domestic and international art troupes, such as India, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos??

Main activities in the Southern Fruit Festival 2016 include performances of domestic and international art troupes, Ao Dai show themed fruit, fruit fashion parade, fruit carnival, the 8th Southern delicious and safe fruits contest, process of bartending drinks from fruit??

In addition, the Southern Fruit Festival 2016 has many responding activities, such as the market of fruit and craft products (from 28 May to 30 August), introduction of cuisine culture (from 1 June to 30 August), display of ornamental creatures (from 1 to 9 June), Viet Nam’s Fruit Week (from 1 to 7 June), fruit plastic art contest (from 6 to 9 June)??

Along with fascinating culture and art activities, folk games (painting, sack jumping, crossing footbridge??) will also be held to create more attraction for the festival.

7. Taiping Raintown Half Marathon 2016 (Coming Soon)

Taiping Raintown Half marathon 2016 will be flagged off from the Taiping Esplanade, Parak Province, Malaysia on the 28th of Aug, 2016. This marathon is hosted by the Taiping Social Welfare Association, with the Co-operation of the Taiping Municipal Council (TMC) and supported by the Youth and Sports Club Taiping, Royal Malaysian Police (Taiping), Ministry of Health, the Public Works Department (Taiping) and District and Land Office Larut Matang & Selama. The Taiping Raintown Half Marathon 2016 will have three categories, 21km, 10km and 7km races, It will be attended by more than 4000 runners both are local and from all around the world. They will run on the street surrounded by beautiful and green scenery.

If you want to see the best view of Taiping, challenge yourself to do a full course half marathon through Taiping rain tree walk and Taiping heritage buildings. You will be mesmerized by ancient rain trees and buildings that never fail to attract the attention of everyone who comes to Taiping.

This is the second year the Taiping Social Welfare Association and Taiping Municipal Council (TMC) have hosted this activity since we have very good feedback from contestants who are very passionate about running and a healthy lifestyle. People of all ages can enter and prizes will be given to those who complete their run.

For further information please email us at or or kindly contact us at +60- 5- 8010832 (Tourism and Media Affairs Unit, TMC) or +60 - 13-2222 999 (Mr. Koay).

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