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In this issue :
  • 1. Geoje set to host the summer festival, To the Sea, to the World
  • 2. The 22nd Ipoh International Run 2017
  • 3. The 3rd Shaoguan Yunmen Mountain Water World Tourism Festival
  • 4. The Sakurajima Fire Island Festival 2017
  • 5. Pohang International Fireworks Festival 2017
  • 7. The Daegu Chicken and Beer Festival 2017
  • 8. The Kaohsiung Squid Culture Festival 2017
  • 9. The Bikini Party 2017 in Sanya
  • 10. The 11th Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival (KKJF) 2017
Member & Industry News

1. Geoje set to host the summer festival, To the Sea, to the World

Geoje, one of the most popular vacation destinations in Korea, will be hosting ??the 24th To the Sea, to the World?? at Geoje Sports Complex, Gujora Beach, Wahyeon Sand Forest Beach, and Hakdong Mongdol Beach from July 27 to 30. 

To the Sea, to the World is the largest water sports festival held on the south coast of Korea, and it is known for its youthful and romantic atmosphere. It has been held against the beautiful backdrop of the sea off the coast of Geoje for 18 years since 1999, and it is an iconic beach festival that attracts around 100,000 visitors every year.

The festival will be kicked off with an opening ceremony and the Blue Concert on July 27, and various programs and events including jet surfing, kayaking, dragon boat contest, finswimming contest, and beach soccer will take place between July 28 and 30. There will be various experience booths and even a kids water slide zone, making this festival a perfect place to visit with family, lovers or even friends. 

Sightseeing: The stunning and vast sea of Geoje 

Enjoyment: Water sports and recreations that will help blow away the summer heat

Food: A great chance to try the specialty products of Geoje and traditional dishes from around the world!

Geoje and its exquisite beaches are waiting to present you with ??cool?? activities and unforgettable memories!

2. The 22nd Ipoh International Run 2017

The 22st Ipoh International Run will take place at 6:45 a.m. on August 7, 2016 in Dataran Bandaraya Ipoh, Green town, Ipoh in the state of Perak, Malaysia.

It was initially launched as a half-marathon event called ??The Run,?? under the supervision of the Ipoh Rotary Club in 1985, and it came to be supervised by the Ipoh City Council in 1991. Its name was officially changed to ??Ipoh International Run?? in 2000.

The aim of the Ipoh International Run is to promote sportsmanship, friendship and world peace. It attracts world-renowned marathoners as well as more than 17,000 marathon enthusiasts from around the world including Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines and Kenya. As one of the most popular events held in Ipoh, the marathon draws a lot of attention from the public every year.

This year, the event will be divided into 11 different groups, ranging from A to L, according to the age group (must be over the age of 13 to be eligible to enter) and the marathon distance. A total of 20 participants will be awarded medals and prize money, while the first 5,000 people to register will be each given a free t-shirt that read, ??Ipoh International Run 2016,?? as a keepsake.

3. The 3rd Shaoguan Yunmen Mountain Water World Tourism Festival

??Traveling in Shaoguan is interesting throughout the four seasons, as festivals are held every month.?? The festivals organized by Shaoguan for the year 2017 are interesting with diverse and rich contents. One of these festivals is the 3rd Water World Tourism Festival to be held on Yunmen Mountain in Shaoguan, which will take place at a tourist site on Yunmen Mountain in July 2017. There will be various events including fruit picking, singing and dancing performances by the Yao people, a camp fire and more. The Yunmen Mountain tourist site, established by Ruyuan County of Shaoguan, is a nationally recognized tourist site that has been rated AAAA. It is an ecological and cultural tourist site established with the aim of preserving the ecosystems and local traditions, wishing for good fortune for the people, and giving opportunities for visitors to enjoy recreational and leisure activities. This has helped enrich the already diverse tourism resources of Shaoguan.

4. The Sakurajima Fire Island Festival 2017

Kagoshima, a city located on the southernmost tip of Kyushu, Japan, will be hosting the Sakurajima Fire Island Festival 2017 on the night of July 29.

The Sakurajima Fire Island Festival, launched with the Kagoshima International Conference on Volcanoes in 1988 serving as the impetus, will be held on the foothills of Sakurajima, which is a world-famous active volcano, as well as multi-puprose Sakurajima Square.

The highlight of this festival will be the 6,000 fireworks set off near the venue and the laser show that will beautifully decorate the summer night sky, and this event will take place for 40 minutes, starting at 8 p.m. 

There will be other various attention-grabbing events that will kick off at 5:30 p.m. including the traditional local performances of Kagoshima, the Sakurajima Fire Island Drum Performance, a singing show, and a character event.

5. Pohang International Fireworks Festival 2017

The Pohang International Fireworks Festival will take place once again this year in Pohang, called the City of Fire and Light, in Korea.

This iconic summer festival was launched in 2004 in time for the Pohang Citizens?? Day, with a fireworks show held by POSCO, a world-class steel manufacturer, under the theme of ??light,?? which is a symbol of Pohang, and ??fire,?? symbolizing the furnaces of the steelworks. Since then, it has been held annually during the summer vacation season between late July and early August, and has grown as an international event. The content has expanded from ??fireworks?? and become more diversified with industrial and cultural elements.

This year, the ??fire and light?? of Pohang will be seen across the city including Yeongildae Beach and Hyeongsangang Sports Park from July 26 to 30. Around 100,000 fireworks will go off against the beautiful night sky above the Hyeongsangang River and Yeongilman Bay, and are expected to captivate both the domestic and foreign tourists.

For more detailed information, please visit the website (http://www.phcf.or.kr).


The 1st Asia Pacific Masters Games (APMG) will be hosted by Penang, Malaysia on 7-15 September 2018. The first-ever multi-sport Masters Games event on Asian soil is set to be the largest regional sporting event in the Asia Pacific region.

Everyone who is of a certain age for a particular sport, on average above 30 years old, are eligible to participate in APMG Penang 2018. There is no qualifying or selection criteria. Each athlete will represent him or herself, and not their respective country.

The APMG Penang 2018 will have a total of 21 sports: Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cycling, Dancesport, Football, Golf, Hockey, Netball, Shooting, Softball, Squash, Swimming, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis, Tenpin Bowling, Volleyball, Weightlifting and Wushu.

The competitions will be held at various sporting and public venues in Penang, such as the City Stadium, University Science of Malaysia, SPICE Arena, Relau City Sports Complex, Penang Municipal Park and Nicol David International Squash Centre.

Penang won the rights to host the inaugural APMG event from the International Masters Games Association, the representative body of masters sport worldwide, after beating out several other bidding host cities.

The APMG 2018 Penang organisers, who are anticipating a turnout of more than 10,000 athletes, are working hand-in-hand with the Olympic Council of Malaysia to facilitate the running of the Games with the respective national and state sports associations and sports partners.

The Malaysia Major Events (MME), a division under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Malaysia, are also strong backers of APMG Penang 2018.

The multi-sport Masters Games is new in Asia, and the Games organisers are hopeful the staging of the event in Penang will help create awareness and popularise the Masters Games concept in the region.

The main philosophies of the Masters Games are to promote friendship and understanding, along with competition, regardless of gender, race, religion, or sport status. This unique spirit will be very much alive in APMG Penang 2018.

Penang, voted No. 2 in CNN??s list of Must-Visit Travel Destinations of 2017, has a little something for all. Travelers are spoiled for choice - relaxing on idyllic sandy beaches, experiencing the modern shopping complexes and old world charm of George Town??s UNESCO World Heritage Site, and sampling culinary delights in one of Asia??s best street food destination.

Befitting the APMG 2018 slogan ??Beyond the Games??, participants can be assured of an exciting and unforgettable time in Penang.

Anyone can compete - either to win or simply to have fun. With the APMG 2018 coming to one of the most popular holiday destinations in South East Asia, what better excuse do you need to combine both
sport and pleasure during the APMG 2018.

For more information about the Games, visit www.apmg2018.com.

7. The Daegu Chicken and Beer Festival 2017

The Daegu Chicken and Beer Festival is an event that attracts those who love the chicken and beer combination from across the country. It will be held from July 19 to 23 in Daegu, also known as Dalgubeol, which is known to be the hottest city in Korea during the summer months.

The Daegu Chicken and Beer Festival topped the online search query chart in 2013 and attracted 880,000 visitors in 2015. This proved the effectiveness of the promotional and marketing activities as well as the growth potential of the festival. In 2016, a record-breaking number of one million visitors including foreign tourists attended the festival, and the festival ranked No. 1 in the ??Best 10 Daegu Policies.??

This year??s event will be held all over the Duryu Park in Deagu including the Duryu Baseball Stadium, 2.28 Parking Lot, Daegu Tourist Information Center parking lot, Outdoor Music Hall, and Duryu Park Road, and it will be a festival where the energy of youth can be exuded.

For more detailed information, visit the website (http://www.chimacfestival.com/home).

8. The Kaohsiung Squid Culture Festival 2017

The Kaohsiung Squid Culture Festival has been organized to take place at Pensuichi Square on Chijin Island of Kaohsiung from June and July. In the past 2 years, Taiwan has recorded the highest squid catch in the world. June is a month when large amounts of squid are caught, and they are mostly caught by the squid fishing boats leaving from Kaohsiung. The government of Kaohsiung has organized this festival to present people with opportunities to eat fresh and soft squids, which are in season, and to enjoy the splendid summer landscape of Chijin Island, which is the region with the largest squid consumption in Taiwan.

At the festival, quality seafood caught off the coast of Kaohsiung will be sold at discount prices and through auctions. There will also be performances staged by civic organizations, and even a spectacular balloon theater. Visitors will get to try a wide range of dishes during the festival period, and buy a variety of quality seafood from Kaohsiung. The diverse sights, foods and products have been leaving a strong impression on the visitors, and a large number of visitors have expressed their wishes for the festival to be held again next year. There have even been requests made to the host organization to expand the scale of the festival so that more people can appreciate the value of squid, which is both delicious and nutritious.

9. The Bikini Party 2017 in Sanya

The Bikini Party 2017 in Sanya will be held in July on the coast of Yalong Bay. It has been held successfully every year for 8 years since 2008, and has become an annual event planned by the government of Sanya. Sanya, which is considered an international tourist city of Binhai, contains beautiful bays, coastlines and white beaches that are unique to the southern region of China. Yoga on the Beach, a classic event that is held once a year, has become an iconic tourist attraction of Sanya that has a refreshing concept and great potential. The Bikini Party in Sanya, in particular, is an event hosted by Trends Health, a Chinese magazine, to create a platform to allow Chinese women to flaunt their fit bodies and confidence in bikinis. A wide variety of innovative events are organized to enable women to show their fitness and beauty. It also encourages women to make their bodies and minds healthier and become trendier. It is not just a party that follows the trends, but an innovative lifestyle show that changes mindsets and presents a healthy and fun lifestyle that instills confidence.

10. The 11th Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival (KKJF) 2017

The Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival (KKJF) is an annual fund-raising jazz extravaganza jointly organized by the Rotary Club of Kota Kinabalu (RCKK) and the Society of Performing Arts Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (SPArKS). Staged in the picturesque Nature Resort City of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, the jazz festival brings together a musical melting pot of talents from around the world. KKJF recorded a crowd of over 4,000 people during the two–night performance.

The event is on its ninth edition this year ever since it was started in 2007. As a key component of Kota Kinabalu Arts Festival, the event aims to promote jazz as a popular genre and gives local talents the opportunity to gain international exposure. The Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival is now a signature event of Sabah which represents many different facets of jazz music.

For 2017, the festival will kick off on the 24th and 25th of July from 7pm to 11pm, at Covered Tennis Court, Sutera Harbour Resort, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. For the days leading up to the two-night event, a series of fringe events and the much-anticipated KKJF Jazz Stars have been planned.

For more details, please check the official website, http://kkjazzfest.com, as well as KKJF Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/KKJazzFestival

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