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In this issue :
  • 1. Delegates of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam visited Korea and signed the MOUs with
        TPO member cities in Korea
  • 2. TPO Secretariat and Tongyeong City reinforce their efforts to promote the 8th TPO
        General Assembly in Tongyeong, Korea
  • 3. Shimonoseki hosts the Firefly Festival of Toyota Town
  • 4. The 2017 Shanghai Overseas Real Estate Immigration Study Abroad Exhibition
  • 5. The 9th Vietnam International Retail & Franchise Show
  • 6. The 24th Gwangju World Kimchi Festival
  • 7. World Food Guangzhou 2017
  • 8. The 4th Asia-Pacific Conference on Life Science and Engineering
  • 9. Zhangjiajie Dragon Boat Festival in China
Member & Industry News

1. Delegates of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam visited Korea and signed
the MOUs with TPO member cities in Korea

The Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) People's Committee accompanied by a delegation from Ho Chi Minh officially visited Korea for a week from May 15 to 22. The delegation was comprised of about 110 officials, politicians, business leaders, and performance group in Ho Chi Minh City.

They visited Incheon, Gyeongju and Busan to discuss ways to expand inter-city cooperation and exchanges in the strategic industries as well as in the areas of investment, commerce, and tourism.

Nguyen Thanh Phong, Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee and officials from Ho Chi Minh City visited Incheon City on May 16 and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Incheon Mayor You Jeong-bok to enhance bilateral cooperation.

Ho Chi Minh City Investment and Trade Promotion Center, on the other hand, signed a MOU on mutual economic exchanges with the Incheon Business Information Technopark. The two institutes are planning to jointly support the low-cost, high-efficiency exhibition industry, exhibitions of products manufactured by small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and promote interchanges with the local buyers and regular economic and human resources exchanges.

Ho Chi Minh delegates met Kim Kwan-yong, North Gyeongsang Province Governor and Choi Yang-sik, Gyeongju City Mayor to discuss preparations for the Ho Chi Minh-Gyeongju World Culture Expo 2017. The expo will take place in Ho Chi Minh on November 9 to December 3, 2017 under the slogan, “Mutual prosperity in Asia through cultural exchange.”

Meanwhile, on May 20, the Ho Chi Minh Day in Gyeongju 2017 was held at Gyeongju World Culture Expo Park. As a preview of the Ho Chi Minh-Gyeongju World Culture Expo 2017, the event was filled with various spectacles and fun programs including traditional Vietnamese dance, music and martial arts performances. The visitors had a chance to put on ao dai, a traditional costume of Vietnam, and try Vietnamese cuisine.

The last stop for the delegates on May 21 to 22 was Busan, where they visited Park Soo-kwan, the Honorary Consul General of Vietnam to Busan and Gyeongsangnam-do, to discuss the ways to enhance the cooperation and exchange between the two cities. Honorary Consul General Park said, “I’d like to thank Chairman Nguyen Thanh Phong of HCMC People’s Committee on his interest, support and cooperation in relation to the enterprises based in Busan and Gyeongsangnam-do that have expanded into Vietnam. The direct transportation route between Ho Chi Minh and Busan is not enough, making it difficult for businessmen in this area to visit Vietnam, so I’d like for Mr. Chairman to take a concern for this particular matter.”

In response, Chairman Nguyen Thanh Phong said, “The population of Ho Chi Minh City has surged recently, and the development of city infrastructure has lagged behind the population growth, causing inconvenience to foreign investors. However, I hope that our cities engage in more active cooperation in the future.”

The delegates were then invited to the welcoming banquet organized by Honorary Consul General Park. They had a chance to share their opinions with entrepreneurs and the heads of local organizations and institutions including Baek Jong-heon, the Chairman of the Busan Metropolitan Council and Cho Sung-Jae Cho, the Chairman of the Busan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Chairman of Ho Chi Min signed an MOU with Suh Byung-soo, Mayor of Busan City on helping the Vietnamese city with its monorail project on May 22. The MOU included the matters on cooperating to introduce the Korean Automated Guideway Transit (K-AGT) system, for which Busan Metropolitan City (Busan Transportation Corporation) has the proprietary technology.

Earlier, Mayor Seo visited Ho Chi Minh City in July 2015 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of a sister city relationship between Ho Chi Minh City and Busan. During his stay in Ho Chi Minh, he discussed the measures for Busan-based companies to take part in the city railway construction project in Ho Chi Minh.

Mayor Seo said, “By engaging in technical cooperation in the Ho Chi Minh City railway project, we can enhance our sisterhood relationship, and contribute to the cooperative relations between two cities. I hope that this project also helps create a stepping stone for our local construction firms to expand overseas in these sluggish times for the construction industry.”

2. TPO Secretariat and Tongyeong City reinforce their efforts to promote
the 8th TPO General Assembly in Tongyeong, Korea

The TPO Secretariat and Tongyeong City have begun full-fledged promotional activities to ensure the successful TPO General Assembly set to take place in Tongyeong City from October 18 to 21.
Tongyeong City set up a booth to promote the TPO General Assembly at the venue for the 24th Marine Festival held locally on May 6, and gave out promotional booklets on the General Assembly, tourist maps of TPO member cities, and other various information pamphlets.
Lee Yong-woon, director at the Tongyeong Tourism and Marketing Division said, “we organized music-related experience programs that highlight “City Brand and Tourism, the theme of 8th TPO General Assembly, hoping to evoke Tongyeong’s iconic brand, ‘City of Musical Creativity.’”

Kim Sang-yeong, head of the Tongyeong Marine & Tourism Bureau, and Jo Dal-ryeo, Director-General of Planning & Administration of the TPO Secretariat, accompanied by other staffs, visited TPO member cities in Gyeongsangbuk-do Province in March and member cities in Jeollabuk-do Province in May to promote the General Assembly. In addition, Kim Dong-jin, Mayor of Tongyeong City and Shin Yeon-sung,  Secretary-General of TPO are planning to visit the member cities in China this coming June to encourage their participation.

3. Shimonoseki hosts the Firefly Festival of Toyota Town

Shimonoseki City of Japan will be hosting the Firefly Festival of Toyota Town from May 27 to June 3. The festival is held annually in the early summer in time for the “firefly season” in Toyota Town. 

The Firefly Festival of Toyota was launched in the 1950s by the local residents, with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of protecting fireflies whose population had been on a decline due to indiscriminate use of pesticides and development of rivers and streams. As a result, over 50 species of fireflies are found around Toyota. During the festival period, the town receives more than 60,000 visitors a day on average. 

The highlight of this year’s festival is expected to be the “Firefly Boat,” which will be in operation for the first time in Japan. Visitors who board the boat will get a chance to enjoy the breathtaking spectacle of tens of thousands of fireflies shining light upon the Koya River. The Firefly Boat, which can carry up to 23 people at a time, will operate 9 times a day, and each cruise session will last around 25 minutes.

There will be many other events including the Firefly Sighting Bus, an exhibition with more than 100 booths, and stage shows. When you visit Toyota during the festival, you’ll be able to enjoy pleasant summer evenings alongside beautiful fireflies as well as the natural hot springs.

4. The 2017 Shanghai Overseas Real Estate Immigration Study Abroad Exhibition

The 2017 Shanghai Overseas Real Estate Immigration Study Abroad Exhibition will take place at Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center (SECEC) from June 3 to 5.
Overseas Property and Investment Immigration Exhibition is a grand event targeted at the ever-growing industry of overseas property and investment immigration in China. The Exhibition covers four main themes: overseas property, immigration, study and investment. The three-day exhibition will attract many exhibiting enterprises, whose business fall into the above-mentioned themes from more than 40 countries and regions including Europe, North America, Asia, Oceania and Africa, to show their high-quality real estate projects and investment immigration services.

The Exhibition has unlimited business opportunities and huge market potential. You are invited to join to create a market for a prosperous future!

5. The 9th Vietnam International Retail & Franchise Show

Vietnam International Retail & Franchise Show (VIETRF) will return with even more to offer in its 9th edition in 2017. The show will take place from 1 to 3 June 2017 at Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The event will gather a number of world-class competitions, along with networking events. VIETRF 2017 will be the marketplace where international franchisors and sellers have the opportunity to meet master franchisees, sub franchisees, distributors, wholesalers, dealers, retailers, buyers, and decision makers from Vietnam and beyond.

6. The 24th Gwangju World Kimchi Festival

Gwangju World Kimchi Festival hosted by Gwangju Metropolitan City of Korea and organized by the Gwangju World Kimchi Festival Committee will take place in Gwangju Kimchi Town. The Festival is comprised of four separate events from May 26 to December 10.

The first event took place on May 26 and 27 under the slogan, “Spring & The Day of Making New Kimchi.” The event was focused on the participatory and experience programs like opening performances, a making kimchi, a kimchi-colored clay contest for children, and a special exhibition.

The second event is scheduled on September 22 and 23, under the slogan, “The Encounter Between Kimchi and Fermented Foods in Fall,” while the third event will be held from November 17 to 19. The third session will be the official event of the festival, during which the official opening ceremony and the Korea Kimchi Contest will take place.

The fourth and final event under the slogan, “2017 Gimjang Festival of Sharing Love in the Village of Light,” is scheduled from November 22 to December 10. The event for last 19 days will be focused on the industrialization of kimchi and the stimulation of local economy. People regardless of gender and age can join the event of making kimchi with fresh local produce at 30% cheaper price.

Gwangju World Kimchi Festival, celebrating its 24th anniversary this year, has been playing an important role to promote the excellence of kimchi and gimjang (kimchi-making) culture which was listed as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013. Gwangju Metropolitan City is aiming at attracting more tourists through the development of kimchi industry.

7. World Food Guangzhou 2017

World Food Guangzhou 2017 will be held at the Poly World Trade Center Expo (PWTC) in Guangzhou, China from June 14 to 17. The exhibition, which was launched as the Guangzhou International Food & Ingredients Fair in 2012, was held successfully five times and emerged as a prominent international fair in the Huanan region. This year’s event will take place at PWTC under the slogan, “Expo Food Guangzhou.”

Expo Food Guangzhou will feature the following areas: Import foods and ingredients, Chinese traditional foods, beverages, Fresh food E-commerce, Catering equipment, Dinning space designs and F&B franchising. It is aimed at providing a one-stop shopping for retails, wholesalers, hotels, chain restaurants, supermarket purchasing, and group units of South China.

8. The 4th Asia-Pacific Conference on Life Science and Engineering

Organized by Higher Education Forum(HEF), the 4th Asia-Pacific Conference on Life Science and Engineering (APCLSE) is an international platform for scholars, researchers and practitioners to discuss interdisciplinary research and practices in the fields of Life Science and Engineering.

2017 APCLSE will take place from June 20-22, 2017 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Prospective authors are invited to submit original research abstracts or full papers which were not, are not and have not been submitted/published/under consideration in other conferences and journals.

9. Zhangjiajie Dragon Boat Festival in China

The Zhangjiajie Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated on May 5 in the lunar calendar on the Lishui River every year. It is a folk festival widely passed down with a history of over two thousand years, and one of the most important festivals as well.

Although there are a lot of versions of the origin of Dragon Boat Festival, it is generally believed that the legend of Dragon Boat Festival is related to a historical figure: Qu Yuan. Qu was an official and patriotic poet of the state of Chu in the Warring States Period. According to the legend, when the disillusioned Qu Yuan drowned himself in a river on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, residents raced to the site in boats to search for him. It appeared as though a thousand boats were racing to get to him first. Ever since, people have marked the anniversary of Qus death by racing dragon boats on May 5 in the lunar calendar.

The Lishui River is one of the most ideal places to hold a dragon boat race, due to its wide breadth and deep waters. During the festival, the city becomes crowded with countless people, and loud roars echo through the area during the entire race. 

The festival is deeply treasured and considered as one of the three traditional customs of Zhangjiajie. Anyone, regardless of age and gender, can participate in the race, which is divided into preliminary and final rounds.

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